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January 17, 2018, 6:50 am


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Brand : Goldwood
Category List : SPK
Description : Goldwood 15-inch Pro woofer, 600w 4vc 46fs 8 ohm Cast
Details : The deluxe pro audio series drivers are designed for high-power, high SPL pro audio systems. The large edgewound voice coils on aluminum formers are designed to handle extreme amounts of power with ease. Hookup is easy thanks to gold-plated spring loaded terminals. Massive cast aluminum frames support the large motor structure to provide years of service in the field. Cosmetically, these drivers will make quite an impression with their chrome-plated back plate and handsome gray ribbed paper cone.
Selling U/M : EA
Weight: Ounce:27.000 - Lbs:1.6875 - Kgrams:54
Price : $147.95
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Data Sheet PDF :
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