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January 23, 2018, 5:59 pm


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Description : OEM diaphragm for the EV DH2010A, DH200S, DH2010A, and DH3 F.01U.110.553 F01U280471 Voice coil: 1.25 (32mm) Diameter: 2 (50mm) Length: 3 (150mm) Impedance: 8 ohm, DCR: 5 ohm Beryllium dome with edge wound voice coil on Kapton former. Fits Electro-Vo
Details : Eliminator series, EVI12, EVI15,EVI28, FM1202ER, FM1502ER, Force series, FR15-2, Gladiator, High-Q, High-QE, i25, i-25S12, S12-E, S15, S15-E, S15-M, S15M-E, S-122, S-152, S-1202ER, S1202ER, S-1503ER, S1503ER, S-1803ER, S1803ER, SA152, SH-1502ER, SH1502ER, SH1512, SH-1512, SH1512ER, SH-1512ER, SH1502, SH-1502, SL8.2 Cinema, SL12-12H, SL12-12V, SL15-2H, SX80, SX80WP, SX80PIX, SX80TW, SX100, SX100+, SX100+W, SX100+E, SX100W, SX200, SX200A, SX200W-P, SX250, SX250-UN, SX250-BLK, SX250-WH, SX300A, SX300E, SX300WE, SX300P, SX300WP, SX300PI, SX300PIX, SX300PI-W, SX300PIX-W, SX325, SX500, SX500A, SX500PI, SX500W, SXA100, SXA100+, SXA250, T15i, T22, T22+, T52, T52+, T53, T55+, T351, XI-1082, ZX1-90, ZX1i-90, ZX1i-100, ZX4
Selling U/M : EA
Weight: Ounce:4.700 - Lbs:0.29375 - Kgrams:9.4
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